Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine have been in use for thousands of years.  One of its foundations is the belief that each person has a life energy known as “qi” (pronounced ‘chee’).  Qi flows through the body in energy streams known as meridians, which are related to hundreds of acupuncture points on the skin.  When Qi is weakened or becomes stuck in these meridians, it can manifest as any type of pain or illness.  Acupuncture functions by identifying and rectifying these areas of imbalance in the body.  And because acupuncture is a holistic medicine that aims to restore balance to the body overall, it can treat nearly any ailment. Acupuncture is particularly effective at treating:


Any type of  chronic pain

Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression
Circulation problems
Sleep disorders
Skin issues
Digestive problems
Gynecological & fertility issues
Asthma & allergies
The common cold or getting sick frequently
Morning sickness
Food cravings & weight loss
Blood pressure management
Stress management
and many others

Regular acupuncture treatments address not only your main concern, but also help prevent future illness and provide a general sense of well-being.

First session: $45 (90 Min session)
Regular rate:  $ 65 / session or $300 /package of 6
Paul Gourguechon L.Ac  Tue & Fri    from 8am till 6pm